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Bag of Tricks
Full Face Art and Airbrushing: 
There are many options for the children to choose from. Full face painting, like wearing a mask, sometimes enables children to come out of their shell and be active, creative and have more fun.  Face paint is non-toxic, hypoallergenic, antibacterial, water based face paint that is specifically designed for faces. It easily washes off with soap and water.  If a child tends to have overly sensitive skin, we recommend painting their art on an arm or leg.

Balloon Animals:
Giggles can also create a variety of balloon animals and objects for the children to enjoy. Balloon art is always a very popular activity for the children to see AND take home.
Stencil Designs:
Air Brushing is used with stencils to the face and is a fun alternative to the full face paint as it takes less time and can be performed on the childs face, arm, back, legs or ankles.  
Games & Puppets:
For Special events and Company Picnics, Giggles will also bring a large assortment of Games and Puppets to keep everyone entertained. Giggles is a complete entertainment package!
Giggles can perform a variety of simple comedy magic tricks to entertain the children.  The magic tricks will involve children from the audience.  Even though the tricks are simple and fun, they are entertaining enough for  adults to enjoy.
Giggles the Clown at community event at park
GIggles the Clown face painting
Airbrush Tattooing: This has become so popular with young and old alike the world over.  It allows you self expression without committing to a permanent tattoo.  It’s great entertainment value, and if cared for properly, a temporary tattoo can last up to a week.  It’s so easy to remove your temporary tattoo as well, just clean with alcohol and it’s gone!!
Looking for a unique airbrush stencils design?  Just ask us!  We can make many of your personal designs.  You can now offer theme parties with your own, or your customer’s designs. Why offer the same as everyone else when we can help you make your business and your temporary tattoo unique!  
Temporary airbrush tattooing as well as full face painting is fun! I make airbrushing so easy and quick you’ll wonder why you never ask for it before.

You'll be amazed at the speed of the Airbrush Temporary Tattoos that have taken the market by storm. With an airbrush I can apply full faces or a large Tribal Armband in seconds!  I do not buy inferior products.  The inks that I use are made with only F.D.A ingredients and produced under lab conditions and are made using only FDA approved materials and is the best on the market.  ~ Giggles
Hire a female Clown in Portland Oregon. Experienced, referrals, recommended highly. A Clown for Hire in Oregon number one choice, is Giggles the Clown. Entertainment for parties, picnics, Birthdays and more. Giggles serves the Portland, Oregon metropolitan and surrounding areas. Gresham, Beaverton, Portland, Vancouver, Salem, and more. Entertainment for kids of all ages. Even the shyest of children will open up to Giggles.
Face Painting by Giggles the Clown
Birthday Party for little boy in Portland Oregon
Giggles the clown at a birthday party